• CEO/ Owner:Luis Rosales
Luis Rosales is the second generation owner of EMPACADORA FRUTEX S. DE R.L. DE C.V.

His father established Frutex in 2002.

Our company and Luis Rosales have been working together since he took over his company from his father.

Luis had worked really hard to make it fit with Japanese quality and he found the way to make good quality mango.

It is simple but taking a lot of time, treating carefully, deeply understanding of each customer is the only way to make good quality mango he believes.

I. Company

Frutex is a company dedicated to the production and export of high-quality handle. Mainly for distant markets such as Asia and Europe. We have the experience of 30 years in the business, that gives us the confidence to put your product in the destination either air or sea arriving with adequate quality and maturity to give a pleasant experience of beauty and taste in our fruit.

They have headquartered in Apatzingan, Michoacán, and México and have tree packing centers in Michoacán, Sinaloa, Baja California so that they can pack from harvesting.

II. Products


  • Mango Haden
  • Mango Kent
  • Mango Tommy Atkins

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III. Orchard

IV. Their unique point

The quality is highly outstanding from others.

The point of their work for making good quality is they put fruits in boxes carefully cleaned by hand one by one and is put on these platforms for running off the latex and so have no burn spots.This prosess is take a lot of time but nessecaly to make good mango.

There have specific teams depends on fruit sizes and quality.

Also there are divisions for each county so that they can control their quality for each area.

The mangoes from them are good blush with white powder on their skin called Bloom . Bloom is nature protection to keep the fruit fresh.

V. Packing house